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ORVIBO Anti-glare Smart Downlight Q series

Orvibo Q series Anti-glare Smart Spotlight

Orvibo Q series Anti-glare Smart Spotlight High-quality lamp beads are used, which are more energy-saving and durable. The color rendering index is as high as Ra90, which can restore the color of...
Orvibo Zigbee LED Strip Light Controller

Orvibo Zigbee LED Strip Light Controller (36W/72W/120W)

From $99.00
Orvibo Zigbee LED Strip Light Controller (36W/72W/120W) Smart light strip controller is used with Oribo smart light strip products to typically provide the ability to automatically adjust a lighting device's output Product...
Orvibo SOPRO Smart Spotlight S10 (12W36°)
SOPRO SpotLight S10 (7W36°), SOPRO SpotLight S10 (12W36°), SOPRO Smart Grillelight S10 (Recessed10W)

Orvibo SOPRO Smart Spotlight S10 with Zigbee Lighting System

From $138.00
Orvibo SOPRO Smart Spotlight S10 with Zigbee Orvibo smart recessed downlight, spotlight, wall washer , and smart led light. Zigbee connected with Google home, Alexa, and Apple home kit. SOPRO smart spotlight S100,000-level...
Orvibo Mix Switch grey

Orvibo Mix Switch Super Smart Switch , Battery Operated Wifi Smart Switch

Orvibo MixSwitch Battery Operated Wifi Smart Switch MixSwitch super smart switch is a product of the MixSwitch super smart switch series. It has six buttons, of which the factory status is...
Smart Home Security Kit(Smoke alarm+Temperature sensor+Motion sensor+door/window sensor).

Smart Home Security Kit(Smart Smoke alarm+Smart Temperature sensor+Smart Motion sensor+Smart door/window sensor)

From $62.00
A Smart Home Security Kit is a collection of connected devices and technologies designed to enhance the security and safety of a home. The kit may include a combination of...
Mixpad Genie grey

Orvibo Smart Home MixPad Genie smart Wifi & Bluetooth gateway panel

Orvibo Smart Home Mixpad Genie touch screen with voice comment switch, built-in infrared, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi gateway Product Description of Orvibo Mixpad Genie MixPad elf touch screen voice switch, the fourth...
SOPRO COB strip Light S10 5m

Orvibo Smart COB LED Strip Lights: Artistic Illumination for False Ceilings

From $83.00
Orvibo Smart LED strip lights, COB strip lights for false ceiling Smart COB ultra-bright light strips, light strip products specially used for aluminium profile light troughs. The self-contained 3M adhesive...
MS Spotlight Series

MS Spotlight Series

CCT: 4000K CRI: Ra≥90 WATT: 8W±8% DEG: 24° CHIPS: OSRAM
Orvibo Smart Ultra-Thin Surface Mounted Magnetic Track Grille Light

Orvibo Smart Ultra-Thin Surface Mounted Magnetic Track Grille Light

From $160.00
Orvibo Smart Ultra-thin Surface-Mounted  Magnetic Track Grille Light The blade ultra-thin smart magnetic track light integrates the four major technological innovations of "ultra-thin", "anti-glare", "intelligence" and "safety", and achieves extreme beauty...
Orvibo Smart Pendant Light

Orvibo Smart Pendant Light - Luxury Lighting for Small Dining Spaces

Orvibo Smart Pendant Light for Small Dining Spaces Minimalist and luxurious shape, the light spots are as beautiful as moonlight. Intelligent gesture sensing, accurately adjusts the light brightness, just wave...
RGB Smart Neon LED Strip Light & Power Supply.

Orvibo Smart Led Strip Lights: USB Plug RGB Smart Neon Strip Light

From $99.00
Orvibo Smart Led Strip Lights: RGB Neon Strip Light Immerse Your Senses with Sound and Picture Atmosphere Light Strip is a home atmosphere lighting product that synchronises light effects with sound and...
Waterproof IP65 Recessed Spotlight

Waterproof IP65 Recessed Spotlight: Convertible 0-10V/Phase Smart Modular

Waterproof IP65 Recessed Spotlight: Convertible0-10V/Phase Smart Modular Versatile and waterproof, our Convertible Waterproof Recessed Spotlight supports Dali, 0-10V, and Phase Dimming. With a sleek design and easy installation, it delivers...