Group Buy Package

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ceiling light package
2 Rooms (30W Living + 20W Bedroom), 3 Rooms (30W Living + 20W Bedroom*2), 4 Rooms (40W Living + 20W Bedroom*3)

Ultra-Thin Ceiling Light Surface Mounted LED Packages

$110.00From $66.00
Ultra-thin Surface Mounted LED Ceiling Lamp (20/30/40W) This ceiling lighting collection includes lamps with modern designs that complement modern architecture. Light is essentially functional, increasing visibility and providing a sense...
surface wall mounted downlight packages
1 Rooms (10W Living*6), 2 Rooms (10W Living*6 + Dinning room*4), 3 Rooms (10W Living*6 + Bedroom*4*2)

Adjustable Anti-glare Surface Mounted Downlight Packages

$326.00From $196.00
Adjustable Surface Mounted Spotlight 10W Ultra-Thin Surface Mounted Downlights use full spectrum based on sunlight, which is closer to sunlight, providing a healthy light source indoors, relieving visual fatigue of...
Recessed Spotlight Packages

Anti-glare Eye Protection Recessed Spotlight Packages

$300.00From $150.00
Anti-glare Eye Protection Recessed Spotlight 10W Introducing our cutting-edge Anti-glare Eye Protection Recessed Spotlight, a pinnacle of innovation and style in lighting solutions. Engineered to perfection, this 10W spotlight is...