Real Case : Smart Office Transformation with Wireless Switches and Intelligent Control System

How Meerkat Home Help Neighbour Office to Transform Into Smart Office

One of the leading firm situated near One Commonwealth, Singapore embarked on a transformative journey to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of its office space. The company aimed to reduce energy consumption, streamline operations, and create a more comfortable and convenient working environment for its employees. The approach involved incorporating smart lighting solutions, specifically wireless switches, and an intelligent control system.

Challenge Faced at the Client Office

Traditional office spaces often face challenges related to energy wastage, cumbersome operations, and the need for extensive renovations to implement smart technologies. Firm sought a solution that would address these issues without disrupting daily operations or requiring substantial modifications to the existing infrastructure.

Smart Solutions Provided by Meerkat Homes

The company turned to a cutting-edge smart lighting solution provider that proposed the implementation of wireless switches and an intelligent control system. The goal was to achieve a 50% reduction in energy consumption, upgrade the office's intelligence within 10 minutes, and eliminate the need for renovation.

Implementation and Installation

Smart Switches 

The first step involved replacing traditional light switches with wireless switches. These switches offered an installation-free design, allowing them to be placed wherever needed without the hassle of slotting or digging holes. The switch's convenient and quick installation process significantly reduced downtime.

Smart Office Transformation

Intelligent Control System

The intelligent control system was introduced next, providing four control methods—voice, touchscreen, buttons, and a mobile app. This diversity in control options made it easy for employees to adapt to the new system, ensuring a seamless transition. The system also allowed for the centralized management of office facilities, enhancing employee comfort and convenience.


Here are the few benefits that client achieved from switching to smart office

1. Energy Savings
  • Accurate control of illumination based on actual needs eliminated unnecessary lighting usage.
  • Employees no longer had to worry about forgetting to turn off lights, preventing wasted energy and reducing costs.
  • A 50% reduction in energy consumption was achieved, contributing to sustainability goals.
2. Convenience and Comfort
  •  Employees enjoyed the convenience of voice and remote control for quick and precise adjustments.
  • Wireless Switches: -Installation-free design for quick upgrades without extensive renovations. Could be placed wherever needed, providing flexibility in adapting to the office's layout.
  • Intelligent Control System: - Four control methods—voice, touchscreen, buttons, and mobile app—offered versatility and ease of use. Single-button control for all appliances simplified operations and reduced complexity.
  • Orderly management of office facilities improved the overall comfort of the workspace.

3. Installation and Adaptability

  • The installation-free design of wireless switches allowed for quick upgrades without the need for extensive renovations.
  • The system could be installed wherever needed, providing flexibility in adapting to the office's layout.

4. Environmental Impact

  • Precise control of energy usage minimized carbon emissions, contributing to the company's commitment to environmental sustainability.


Client successfully transformed its office space into a smart and energy-efficient environment without the need for extensive renovations. The implementation of wireless switches and an intelligent control system not only achieved significant energy savings but also enhanced employee comfort and convenience. The success of this case study serves as a model for other companies seeking to modernize their offices while prioritising sustainability and operational efficiency.

Here is the Google Review Provided By the Client for the same. 

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